April 02, 2012

Wake up!

So America has become the sleeping giant.   We have all heard this, but so has the american christian church.  The saying sleeping giant means in this instance means that we have the power, and we have this HUGE thing to tell people about, but we sleep.  We do nothing.  All around us is imorality and all we do is NOTHING. How are we suppose to be a light on a hill or salt of the earth when we can't even stick to our guns on things as black and white as our morals.  People tell me all the time that there is a certain amount of grey area.  I believe on somethings there is a grey area; however on things that the Bible clearly states is wrong, I think there is NO grey area.  Yes I realize how contravercial that statement is, however there isn't.  If you are a Christian and you say you believe in the Bible, but you think that some of what it says isn't true, how is any of it true?  2 Timothy 3:16 states:
"All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work"
If we take that we can clearly understand that is says ALL which means every part, not just some certain part that you feel comfortable with, but with ALL of it.  Aka you can't  pick and choose what you wanna believe.  You believe all of it, if you are a christian.  There are certain things like Jewish rituals that we are not bound by. We are not Jewish.  We are on the other side.  So before I get a million comments from trollers saying "what about sacrificing your first cow, or what about sacrificing a sheep?" I would say: I don't have to sacrifice anything, because the sacrifice has been made for me.  Jesus chose to take that off my plate. (luckily, because can you imagine how nasty that would be? eww!) Jesus fulfilled the covenant, and if you want to know what is STILL considiered part of Christianity from Laviticus and Deutaronomy, I suggest to look up what was placed in that covenant with God and Moses.  Our part to hold up, has been pretty much wiped out.  God still wants you to follow the commandments, but honestly when you mess up (because you will) its not as bad of a thing, because Christ died for you.  That is the differance, we have a Savior! So lets wake up! WAKE UP! WAKE UP PEOPLE! WAKE UP BROTHERS AND SISTERS!! We have too big of news for the world to be asleep letting time pass by us!!