December 14, 2011

My thoughts on two prominent christian sayings

Saying #1: Keep Christ in Christmas: Ok so while yes I believe we should keep christ in Christmas, it depends on what you mean when you say this.  If you are being pissed because of people writing Xmas, then I do have a bone to pick with you.  All of you need to realize that X actually stands for the Xi that starts Xhristos which is Christ in Greek.  And well a trick in Greek to shorten stuff is to write the first letter and some of the next word hence the xmas.  What I mean when I say "keep Christ in Christmas" is that we need to remember the enormity of who Christ is and who he will be in our future, and Who truly rules this place.

Saying #2: Love the Sinner, Hate the sin.  I firmly believe in this.  Like I have previously said, in my post about Gays and Lesbians, you have to love the person, ,but that doesn't mean that you have to love what they are doing, or whom they claim to be.  And I do believe that it is your Christian duty to inform them that they are doing something wrong.  What would you do if your best friend came up to you tomorrow and told you they had killed someone? Or they were cheating on their wife or husband? You would probably freak out on them, but you would somewhere tell them, 'You are still my best friend, but we need to tell someone (the cops, the spouse, etc.) about this.'.  There right there, that means that you love the sinner but hate the sin. As a christian, you should take this farther than just your friends.  As Jesus says: anyone can love their friends, it's the stranger and enemy thats hard.  I believe once you can truly get this point you will become a true Christian, and many many other Christian values will follow.  You just have to remember that there are two different parts to this: you have to love the person, but let them know that their action is wrong.  I am not saying by any-means support what they are doing.  If what they are doing overtakes them, let them know that you love them as a person, but will not anymore be able to be around them because you do not wish to condone their lifestyle.  Kind of like a drug user (yes I just compared a sinner who allows their sin to take over their life to a drug user), you have to allow them to know that you need to separate the two.  Who they are as a person, and who they are when they are sinning in the sin that screams the loudest in their life.  As Christians it is our duty to keep each-other accountable. Alright, alright, I know I've pretty much just talked in a circle, but I hope that you understand what I'm saying.
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