July 26, 2011

So blessed

I love my life right now! Only thing I would like is a job, but that's about to be fixed. I have an awesome place to live, I have awesome parents, awesome siblings, awesome niece and nephew, awesome friends, and well more than anything I have an AWESOME God! I have started getting closer and closer to Christ and well it's awesome! My small group is reading "The Story" and it is probably the best book I have read in a LONG time. Mostly because it's the Bible put into a story.

You always hear: "read the Bible, it will draw you closer." I have always known that and maybe perhaps even taken it to heart, but I haven't ever taken it to the test. I can tell you now: my life is so crazy amazing right now, and I believe that it's because of that. I have always had a love of Christ and well even as a child my favorite books to read were the bible stories. This book IS the Bible. It's the Bible from start to finish. That's what is so amazing about this book, is that it's not only the Bible as a story, but it doesn't skip the "boring" parts. It condenses them, yes, but doesn't at the same time all together skip them. For me, being a religion major, it really resonates with me when a book not only goes from Genesis to Revelations, but you can see when it goes from each book to the next. If you haven't read it, I suggest it.

So as far as romance goes on in my life, I think I might have some here in a little while. I'm not going to disclose anything but that he is a godly man, and I kinda have a little bit of a crush on him. :) I know lame C: Oh, and he's in my Bible Study. Not the reason I like Bible Study, but I do enjoy Bible Study quite a bit when he's there. It's always fun to flirt during Bible Study right? ;)

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