June 27, 2011

My stance on gays and lesbians

Yes I am tackling this...why? because I need to say it somewhere, and well fb and twitter are not the places, and well don't really wanna talk bout it. It's really simple:
Gays and Lesbians are just like everyone else, they are sinners. Only their sin is one that they carry a BIG red G on their sweater rather than the A that adulterous use to wear. Do I hate gays? No. Do I hate their sin? Yes. As a Christian I do. I hate sin. Sin is black and in order to be in the light fully you have to get rid of all blackness in your life. Here is where most christians stop thinking. If I were to leave that statement like that it would mean that I was judgmental and "homophobic". But I feel the need to continue. I really do need to complete that statement. Every body sins...That is stated in the bible. Every gay person that you speak with will tell you the same lie "God made me this way". Why do I say it's a lie? because it is. If that hurts your feelings, I'm sorry, I'm not out to make friends. I'm out to tell you the truth. God does not make you to sin. That is something that comes from a broken world and stepping out of what God wills for your life. God doesn't will or want us to sin, but He gave us free will, and well we do have that option to sin, and to step out of His will. Trust me, I know, I have been there, done that, STILL doing that! Bottom lign: we are all sinners. So when I am not happy for and refuse to support gay "rights", don't be so surprised. As far as marriage goes I will NEVER condone gay marriage, NEVER gonna happen. That like I said above would be supporting sin, and I refuse to do it. Any kind of sin. I don't condone gay marriage, murder, lying, stealing, prostitution, or anything that goes against Christ. I love the PERSON that does that, but I don't have to love the action, or even "shut up" about it. I'm sorry. If I have a problem with you, I don't have to shove it down. I refuse to appologize for my beliefs, and compromise them on your behalf. Not going to happen. NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN!
Until Later