August 29, 2010

Sundays are my favorite days

Ok so this morning I was driving in my truck to church, and so my thoughts started thinking back to my baptism. I was thinking about how I got baptized in the gulf coast on a retreat. I remember having the problem with deciding between the thoughts "I have been baptisted before", and also "my first baptism was more my parents saying 'we will raise this baby to believe' and I needed to say to the world 'I will raise myself to believe". I decided on the second one. I remember not wanting to do it at home, because I was afraid that it would become more about who came, and who didn't come (if you know my family situation, you understand what I'm talking about). I didn't want that, I wanted it to be about me and God. I wanted it to be between me and God. So...I did it down on the coast while I was gone. Another amazing thing was, was I was scared to call my dad, because I remember him not being oober happy about my brother re-baptising himself, and I was doing the same thing. I talked with my youth pastor and his wife, and both them and my whole youth group prayed over it, and when I called my dad and explained why I wanted to do it, and he was just like "oh well me and your mom did baptize you, but do what you want". It was a huge relief. I remember standing in the water and dodging the waves as my youth pastor was asking me the questions, and then I went under the water, and back up, and then I got trampled by hugs. That day was the best day of my life.
Ok so after thinking about all of that, I went into church, sat down, and well our sermon was about baptism, and how after that act, everything is differant. It was amazing. I have nothing else to say, but it was amazing how God worked. There is no other way to say it, but it was God. The sermon series was called "Everything is Differant" and the message was "Remember your Baptism". Another thing that was amazing, is the one song that makes me cry EVERYTIME I hear it was was just a wonderful day...

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