August 21, 2010

:) catching you up on life right now...

:) as I have kinda? sorta? kept this blog over this year I realized how much I have changed. :) I now have the job that I want to have for the rest of my life (sorta). I want to basically be the management (who doesn't right?). I love kids, I adore their simple looks at life, I suppose that is a good thing, atleast I know what I want to do...
So today was fun, I went to work and cleaned my classroom. I really didn't do much, I don't know why my lead teacher had me there exactly, but oh well...I need to probably go to sleep, I'm starting to get this tightness in my chest, which means that I am overly emotional, which means that my time of the month is coming up.
I am giving in my two weeks to the local baptist church, because well honestly, I need to get back to church. I miss sitting in a pew(the chair at my church haha), and worshiping God. I NEED to get back to being spiritually fed, I just do.
I will post more tomorrow...I'm sleepy, going to go take a shower, eat, farmville, then sleep

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