June 28, 2010

New iPhone blogging

So I have fully comitted to this, you know why? I have an iPhone app to blog:). So basically I will be able to lose my excuses for not doing this. :) ok that's all for now.

June 15, 2010


So...summer is here? what? who would have known that?  I miss camp this summer, I miss it more than you would ever know! I have made up my mind that if I'm not in a class room at my daycare in two months from now, I will quit.  This whole no class room, so just try to keep yourself busy thing sucks :/ I'm pretty sure tomorrow I am going to stay in the large babies most of the day...just because that's my favorite age :) and also the people that I get along with best are in that room.  I keep on thinking that maybe tomorrow I can get in a room, maybe tomorrow I will be put in a room.  It's stupid! Its all because some parents thought that having two teachers on different days switching off would confuse the kids...BS! do you know what that is called? helicopter parenting! I had one of the nonhelicopter parents ask me yesterday why I wasn't still in thier room, that their child misses me.  This is ridiculous!  But the bright side to not working in that room, is that I really don't like the co-worker in there...idk what it is about her, but I don't like her...she just rubs me the wrong way.  Like yesterday she was pushing some kids in the buggy, and one of the teacher's kids was in it, and the directors had a message for us to read, and what did she do? Did she hurry past the door so that the kid wouldn't see her parent and therefore get all upset, NO! She freaking waited and sat there and sat there talking to me about the damn message the directors had left up there, and I was just like "well this one's parent is in this room, you might wanna move on, you might wanna get going so that she doesn't see her mother, please keep going, her mother is hiding so she doesn't see her" OMG! how many times can you rephrase that one sentence! It's ridiculous!  Other than her being dumb idk what erks me about her, but she really frustrates me...she's just one of those people ya know?  I don't even know why she's working with kids, she isn't any good with them. Ok, enough gossiping about my coworker....