March 24, 2010

work day...

Ok so wednesdays are probably my most busy days by far, or atleast they are about to be haha. I work in the mornings, and then starting today at 6 I am going to work until 10 at night!! Wow! Hours are amazing! I am definately picking them up! Just this week I have gotten 8 hours that I don't normally work! I like it haha. My boss keeps on asking me if it's ok and that she doesn't want to burn me out lol, but I am glad for the hours. Probably right now I should probably be cleaning my bathroom, but I don't want to, I'll do it after I'm done with this blog haha. I'm going to start adding things about my devotion on here just so that I can remember to do both, maybe this will keep me accountable on both of them. I really try to do both of these things everyday, but it gets hard haha. I suppose anything that is worth it is going to be hard lol. I got my greek homework done yesterday (yay!!), so now tonight after work I'm going to write my paper for New Testament and read the book, it should be (fun?).. haha I really have another week, but I'm afraid that if I don't get M the book, she will get a bit mad. Speaking of the book, I should probably find that lol. I'm going to use that as my devotional today, it's just going to be tonight lol. I do have a book that I want to read it's called "The Deity Formerly Known as God". It is about how we take God out of his place and make him less important and put all of these differant relationships on him, it should be interesting. I think I will learn a lot. So..about the dogs: Alice is getting jealous about the other dogs loving on me, and well right now she's sitting next to me as I type this out, I think she's wanting me to put her outside for a potty break, but she's fine, she's just not use to being an indoor dog haha. Harley is staring at me from across the room, I seriously am just like HELLO?? haha. He's ok though... Sissy is....well she's Sissy, she doesn't really do much other than what she wants to do. (I personally think that she was suppose to be a cat, because that's how she acts unless she gets jealous and wants some loving too.) So I suppose that would be my life right now...have to do a New Testament paper, get caught up on Greek, and also a small project for Student Success that is due TOMORROW. That class really makes me mad. I don't like the teacher and well it's just a waste of time. I suppose that is all from me right now, I will talk to you when I get off of work tonight probably :)
Life is great, and God has blessed me,

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