March 30, 2010

stress journal

Ok so for extra credit my student success class gets to do a stress journal. So here is my stress journal...(I figured I should do it on here)
Stress level right now is probably about a 5 mainly just because I know that I have to work tomorrow and also when I'm not working I have to be here for my house when we are getting our tv installed with dish! it's exciting, but I really don't like to have to do much on wednesdays when I work in the morning and then back at the evening. Oh well. Probably another thing that is stressing me out is a test in Greek. :P I think I know the stuff, but I have to study for it, and well I am going to do some of it tonight (the vocab words) and some of it tomorrow after work. Yes I know cramming doesn't work for most people, but it kinda does for me. My brain does the best when I just work and work until I think I can't anymore and then I take the couple of hour break before the test and then review for thirty minutes beforehand and then it's fresh. I really don't stress during the test, it's more before hand than during the actual test.

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