March 23, 2010

Life catch up

Last time that we talk I was thinking about moving out with my friends and I was worried about my future. Well I decided that moving out right now isn't the best thing for me and I have decided that running my own childcare center is really what I want to do. When I started recently looking back on my life it really is something that has kind of been pointed by my memories. Everything from when I was eight and wanted to play with a three year older next door to help his parents have some time to themselves to this job that I hold now at the church. I now understand what I need to do (atleast for now haha) :). I need to get a certificate and then I'll get my associates in Religion and then just have to get everything prepared to send into the state.
Quick catch up: I have decided to retake Greek, I have decided that I will probably make a better grade on the class if I can retake it. Hopefully get an A! haha. I need an A lol. No one knows how bad I need an A. I am working so hard for an A, six weeks! Six weeks left!!! I can't wait for summer, I can't explain how much summer sounds so amazing! Alright that's school, now on home life: I decided not to move out, I can't tell how my father thinks of this, and I don't know how my friends feel about this either, but both of them can get over it haha. My dad moved in his girl friend and she's a nice enough woman, but I still don't know what to think about it. I suppose it's ok, it brought some normalcy to my life and I now have three dogs in the house. The dogs are always so crazy, they just don't know what to do with themselves. I just have to learn how to wear them down! ;) I am watching Julie and Julia and pretty much that's what made me think of this haha. I really enjoyed it! I need to put money in my bank account though so I don't get overdraft fees haha. Stupid movie! gah! haha gotta remember to return it so I don't get fined for another night tomorrow :/ surely I will be alright! idk...either way I'll just pay for it lol.

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