March 25, 2010

devotional day one

book: The Deity Formerly known as: God by Jarrett Stevens
chapter: before you begin and cop around the corner
interesting quote on the first page "God created people in his own image on the sixth day, and every day since, people have returned the favor" - Blaise Pascal
cop around the corner
haha i like this author... here's a quote (he's talking about people that have never gotten a ticket in thier lives) "On the slim chance that this describes you, then please read on with a sence of empathy and understanding for the rest of us...and feel free at any time to wipe that smug smile off your face". ha-ha I just can't say enough, but that is grand!
"Unless there is a God by whom "right" and "wrong" can be reliably assessed, moral judgments can be no more than opinion, influenced by upbringing, training, and propaganda" - JB Phillips
That is interesting, because I have been kind of questioning where morals came from. I mean I know that they come from your upbringing, but I mean what makes one brother a pot head while the other goes to church? If it was all up to upbringing then we wouldn't see that big of a divide. i don't know, maybe I'm thinking through this too simply. I know a lot of this goes into our nature, but it is also dependant upon God. This kind of goes into what we were talking about in New Testament today. We talked about infant mortality and all that and then that led us to human nature and how we all inherit it from Adam and well because of Adam, Jesus had to come and show us the truth. He had to come to show us the way that we should live and also more than that He had to come to die for our sins and take away the punishment we deserve.
The author, Jarrett Stevenson goes on to speak about how we all change when we see that cop around the corner, we all instinctivly start going through our check list like is my seatbelt on, what's my speed, do I have my licence and registration, are his lights going off yet? The funny thing is, is I do go through a check list like this. I see that cop and I'm just like ok slow down, seat belt? check speed? check haha. He talks about when we DO get pulled over how we all change in some way some how. I find myself the few times that in this last year of my driving history that I have been driving, I become nervous and start telling the cop why I was doing it, and yes I realized that I was going that fast but I was passing someone that probably didn't need to be passed, and that here is my licence and yes sir I can get that insurance out for you. It's kind of strange how we all become so polite once we are pulled over lol. I have gotten so caught up in what he's saying that I haven't really been blogging it, so well I'll catch you up on it once I'm or if I have any thoughts I need to get out.
Alright so I have one more quote and then I will sign off (I'm sure if you have read all of this you are kind of just like alright, do you have ADD or something haha, but I suppose if I actually have readers, then you already have picked up on my random writing style..)
This comes from a section on the Ten Commandments: "Sadly what was once understood as a gift from God has become a wall that separates us from him" I think that's very interesting... I have never really thought about it, but we all have those ten commands as something that we need to follow or we sin. They seem to be the basic laws of the old testament and we still try to live to them today. I know a lot of people who are just terrified at the thought of breaking a law that we have on earth, and even more than that they are afraid to break one of God's laws. We can't live in fear, because well while yes I think you need to have reverant fear of God, you don't need to be in FEAR FEAR. Because well if you are then you are also missing the whole loving side of God. (which I will go through tomorrow I believe) I think that you have to have a good middle ground on these two things, but there is a differance in being reverantly fearful of God (after all, he is God!) and being terrified of him. The first one means that because he is God, you have this respect and adoration that comes out of that fear. It isn't like my phobia of bees, it's more of a respect aspect of it. This might be the former Catholic in me speaking right now, but I seriously believe that you have to have that respect of God before you can even start to look at him. Ok I'm starting to ramble, so I'll end this post.
:) have a great day

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