January 11, 2010


not very good at this am I? lol I'm sure there are alot of blogs like this out there...but mine might be one of the worst..
Weight:I have lost weight, you know how I know? I am down to a size 14! YAY I have been a size 16 since well since I started paying attention to my size in clothing. so...I'M EXCITED to be down a size!
College: I am going for my second semester, and well semester 2 starts out with academic probation because I got a B C D F. Oooops : / oh well... I just have to get good grades, which won't be impossible, it's just going to take me staying on top of what I'm doing. Luckily I have a friend which is in two of my same classes and well the others won't be so bad.
General Life: I. am. moving. out. yes I said those words...I'm moving out of my mom and dad's house!! I'm kinda excited...but at the same time, am scared to death lol. :D

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