October 06, 2009

GOD is Amazing!

ok, so I have calmed down now, but I am still REALLY excited!
So there is a church that I pass by every day, and every day I think to myself, I should call them. So today: I decided I would finally do it, well I called them (while I was driving :) ) and talked to a guy that I am pretty sure is the pastor there. It's a nondenominational church, and thus, the same denomination as me! I am so excited! I started it out and was like "hello, my name is _ _ and I was just wondering if you might have an opening in your children's ministry?" and basically we talked for a while, and it ended in me having an interview on Thursday at 11:00 YAY I'm so excited!

October 02, 2009

Trying to beat that Freshman 15..

Ok, so why is it so much cheaper to eat unhealthy? Are people basically being pushed into the unhealthy foods? I live in a kind of small town, but still when I am driving down the road after a 9 o'clock, and I am hungry at 10:15, so what do I do? I see a Sonic, and pull into it, and order a number one with ketchup, pickles, and a rt 44 lime vanilla diet coke (yes I realize it undoes the whole diet part, but well...diet coke has a neutral flavor which makes any flavor go wonderfully into it. :) ) and let it go down into my stomache. So...why do we make unhealthy food 1/cheeper and 2/ more accesable? It seems like if you are going to get something healthy, you have to either go home and fix it, or you have to sit down in a nice restraunt. I currently weigh 210 lbs. This pushes me into the overweight class. For me, I am trying to lose weight using the slimfast plan kinda tweeked I allow my self to have a day of "spoiling" once a week, and then the rest of the week I have those shakes. BTW: those shakes are better the colder you get 'em. I discovered that if you go to Sonic and get a free glass of ice, and you pour the drink into it it's ALOT better. If you have some kind of weight loss secret for me, I would love to know it! I have been on the SlimFast for about one week, so I obviously haven't seen any changes, change takes longer than that. I am honestly just hoping to beat the "freshman 15". I am living at home, so maybe the freshman 15 won't hit me. haha maybe I am delaying it for another two years. :) YAY for community college! haha. I am going on to a bible college in two years after I receive an associates degree. So maybe I will have two years to get down to a decent weight before I gain 15 lbs. haha hopefully :/
That's all Folks!

October 01, 2009

why in the world would you go to court on TV to settle something?

I just don't understand...I watch it all the time, but I don't understand it. Especially Judge Joe Brown or Judge Judy, all they do is make fun of you. It makes for great TV, but I don't understand it...haha.
Well so today I had a greek test, and well...it went better haha...it's not better, but I'm not sure what I'll do if I fail the class..I mean I'll take it over, but my dad will stop paying for my classes, and well. I don't want him to. haha. Especially after the first semester! hm I can't drop it, because well. Then I would be taking under 12 hours, and I have to take 12 hours inorder to be covered by my dad's health coverage, which is something that I kinda need haha. But yeah, I am planning on locking myself in my room this weekend and studying the crap out of the vocabulary. :) I will do better... :)