July 09, 2015

God's blessings

Yes I know I have not been on here in a while, and I am sorry for that...even though no offense I don't see myself having many followers even when I was doing this on a daily basis.

Onto tonight's thoughts though: Two years ago if you had told me that I would be where I am in life I would have probably laughed at you.  Right now I have a wonderful man who takes care of me, and cares about me.  In my opinion that is a big deal.  We are about 4 hours away from eachother and working on moving into our first home together.  I have lived with his parents (long long story, that was never my goal in life and I would not suggest anyone doing it) for a year now.  I appreciate his parents taking me in when I didn't have any place to live, and I appreciate that they have allowed me to live here while we have been trying to find a place to live. I have always tried to stay away from my personal life on this blog just because well, I don't want some creeper to staulk me through this.  So I'm sorry but I'm not going to go into detail about my love life.
What I'm going to say is this: There are two phrases that NONE of your single friends actually want to hear:
"What if you never get married" 
especially followed by this:
"You need to understand that if it is God's plan for you, you need to be okay with being single for life"
"When are you going to go on a date? I don't see you ever going out? When are you going to have a boyfriend"
This is what people about this time two years ago were actually telling me.  They would tell me things like this at the age of 22!!  Looking back on it, I know I was being silly worrying about it, but at the time I was staring down the fact that both of my brothers had been married by the age of 23, and as I was closing in on that birthday I still had yet to ever even go on a simple date much less even think about marrying someone.  I was feeling like an old maid and everyone that I was turning to was telling me things like that.  I know that they were well meaning, but trust me, as a single woman you are already thinking these things.  And if you aren't thinking the first things, you don't need to be.  I understand now that honestly it's not THAT big of a deal that I am the oldest out of my siblings not married, because I am living a completely different life than my siblings, but had you told me that two years ago, no I would not have understood.  I finally had a mental break down from people actually constantly telling me the above and called one of my closest friends.  She came out to see me, and was the first person to tell me that it was ok.  That it was ok to go after the desire of my heart, and that God does want to give you the desire of your heart even if it's not right when you want it.  She laughingly told me that she saw me getting married to the first man that I met and that we would probably have the most children out of any of our friends.  It made me laugh, and honestly her just praying over me and letting me know that those people telling me those things don't know the harm they are doing. They meant well, it was just misplaced. It felt like she was the first person to actually hear me.  Actually hear me when I was telling her my hurt.
I am writing this to let you guys know when you are dealing with your single friends and they have that desire of the heart, don't just brush it off.  Even if you are single too and you don't have that desire, don't just brush off what your friend is telling you.  Hear them out, let them cry, and then pray with them.  Let them know that they will find someone. Let them know over everything that they are worth love, and that they will find the man that respects them and deserves them. Let them know that they don't have to settle or even accept that they might never get married.  I'm sorry but even if you are 60 and still looking, get off the couch, and go look! I don't believe there is ever a time that you have to give up.
On another hand I would be wrong to not let you know you do have to learn to trust Him.  God does have his timing, and when you find that man in his timing it will be perfect.  If you don't give it to God's timing though, you won't find the right guy.  If you are wanting the right guy that treats you right and respects you, it takes patience and a bunch of leaning on him. After talking with my friend and really for the first time in my life placing my love life in His hands, within a month of redoing my profile on a dating site, my current boyfriend messaged me. And currently we are moving along at a great pace and looking towards the next step.  It is really an exciting time in my life and I can't wait to see where Christ leads us next.

I know that this whole blog has been a bunch of rambling and I'm sorry if my thoughts on this have been not so easy to follow, but I hope that everyone gets some type of take away, and I hope that you all have a wonderful blessed night!

April 02, 2012

Wake up!

So America has become the sleeping giant.   We have all heard this, but so has the american christian church.  The saying sleeping giant means in this instance means that we have the power, and we have this HUGE thing to tell people about, but we sleep.  We do nothing.  All around us is imorality and all we do is NOTHING. How are we suppose to be a light on a hill or salt of the earth when we can't even stick to our guns on things as black and white as our morals.  People tell me all the time that there is a certain amount of grey area.  I believe on somethings there is a grey area; however on things that the Bible clearly states is wrong, I think there is NO grey area.  Yes I realize how contravercial that statement is, however there isn't.  If you are a Christian and you say you believe in the Bible, but you think that some of what it says isn't true, how is any of it true?  2 Timothy 3:16 states:
"All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work"
If we take that we can clearly understand that is says ALL which means every part, not just some certain part that you feel comfortable with, but with ALL of it.  Aka you can't  pick and choose what you wanna believe.  You believe all of it, if you are a christian.  There are certain things like Jewish rituals that we are not bound by. We are not Jewish.  We are on the other side.  So before I get a million comments from trollers saying "what about sacrificing your first cow, or what about sacrificing a sheep?" I would say: I don't have to sacrifice anything, because the sacrifice has been made for me.  Jesus chose to take that off my plate. (luckily, because can you imagine how nasty that would be? eww!) Jesus fulfilled the covenant, and if you want to know what is STILL considiered part of Christianity from Laviticus and Deutaronomy, I suggest to look up what was placed in that covenant with God and Moses.  Our part to hold up, has been pretty much wiped out.  God still wants you to follow the commandments, but honestly when you mess up (because you will) its not as bad of a thing, because Christ died for you.  That is the differance, we have a Savior! So lets wake up! WAKE UP! WAKE UP PEOPLE! WAKE UP BROTHERS AND SISTERS!! We have too big of news for the world to be asleep letting time pass by us!!

December 14, 2011

My thoughts on two prominent christian sayings

Saying #1: Keep Christ in Christmas: Ok so while yes I believe we should keep christ in Christmas, it depends on what you mean when you say this.  If you are being pissed because of people writing Xmas, then I do have a bone to pick with you.  All of you need to realize that X actually stands for the Xi that starts Xhristos which is Christ in Greek.  And well a trick in Greek to shorten stuff is to write the first letter and some of the next word hence the xmas.  What I mean when I say "keep Christ in Christmas" is that we need to remember the enormity of who Christ is and who he will be in our future, and Who truly rules this place.

Saying #2: Love the Sinner, Hate the sin.  I firmly believe in this.  Like I have previously said, in my post about Gays and Lesbians, you have to love the person, ,but that doesn't mean that you have to love what they are doing, or whom they claim to be.  And I do believe that it is your Christian duty to inform them that they are doing something wrong.  What would you do if your best friend came up to you tomorrow and told you they had killed someone? Or they were cheating on their wife or husband? You would probably freak out on them, but you would somewhere tell them, 'You are still my best friend, but we need to tell someone (the cops, the spouse, etc.) about this.'.  There right there, that means that you love the sinner but hate the sin. As a christian, you should take this farther than just your friends.  As Jesus says: anyone can love their friends, it's the stranger and enemy thats hard.  I believe once you can truly get this point you will become a true Christian, and many many other Christian values will follow.  You just have to remember that there are two different parts to this: you have to love the person, but let them know that their action is wrong.  I am not saying by any-means support what they are doing.  If what they are doing overtakes them, let them know that you love them as a person, but will not anymore be able to be around them because you do not wish to condone their lifestyle.  Kind of like a drug user (yes I just compared a sinner who allows their sin to take over their life to a drug user), you have to allow them to know that you need to separate the two.  Who they are as a person, and who they are when they are sinning in the sin that screams the loudest in their life.  As Christians it is our duty to keep each-other accountable. Alright, alright, I know I've pretty much just talked in a circle, but I hope that you understand what I'm saying.
Until later,

July 26, 2011

So blessed

I love my life right now! Only thing I would like is a job, but that's about to be fixed. I have an awesome place to live, I have awesome parents, awesome siblings, awesome niece and nephew, awesome friends, and well more than anything I have an AWESOME God! I have started getting closer and closer to Christ and well it's awesome! My small group is reading "The Story" and it is probably the best book I have read in a LONG time. Mostly because it's the Bible put into a story.

You always hear: "read the Bible, it will draw you closer." I have always known that and maybe perhaps even taken it to heart, but I haven't ever taken it to the test. I can tell you now: my life is so crazy amazing right now, and I believe that it's because of that. I have always had a love of Christ and well even as a child my favorite books to read were the bible stories. This book IS the Bible. It's the Bible from start to finish. That's what is so amazing about this book, is that it's not only the Bible as a story, but it doesn't skip the "boring" parts. It condenses them, yes, but doesn't at the same time all together skip them. For me, being a religion major, it really resonates with me when a book not only goes from Genesis to Revelations, but you can see when it goes from each book to the next. If you haven't read it, I suggest it.

So as far as romance goes on in my life, I think I might have some here in a little while. I'm not going to disclose anything but that he is a godly man, and I kinda have a little bit of a crush on him. :) I know lame C: Oh, and he's in my Bible Study. Not the reason I like Bible Study, but I do enjoy Bible Study quite a bit when he's there. It's always fun to flirt during Bible Study right? ;)

June 27, 2011

My stance on gays and lesbians

Yes I am tackling this...why? because I need to say it somewhere, and well fb and twitter are not the places, and well don't really wanna talk bout it. It's really simple:
Gays and Lesbians are just like everyone else, they are sinners. Only their sin is one that they carry a BIG red G on their sweater rather than the A that adulterous use to wear. Do I hate gays? No. Do I hate their sin? Yes. As a Christian I do. I hate sin. Sin is black and in order to be in the light fully you have to get rid of all blackness in your life. Here is where most christians stop thinking. If I were to leave that statement like that it would mean that I was judgmental and "homophobic". But I feel the need to continue. I really do need to complete that statement. Every body sins...That is stated in the bible. Every gay person that you speak with will tell you the same lie "God made me this way". Why do I say it's a lie? because it is. If that hurts your feelings, I'm sorry, I'm not out to make friends. I'm out to tell you the truth. God does not make you to sin. That is something that comes from a broken world and stepping out of what God wills for your life. God doesn't will or want us to sin, but He gave us free will, and well we do have that option to sin, and to step out of His will. Trust me, I know, I have been there, done that, STILL doing that! Bottom lign: we are all sinners. So when I am not happy for and refuse to support gay "rights", don't be so surprised. As far as marriage goes I will NEVER condone gay marriage, NEVER gonna happen. That like I said above would be supporting sin, and I refuse to do it. Any kind of sin. I don't condone gay marriage, murder, lying, stealing, prostitution, or anything that goes against Christ. I love the PERSON that does that, but I don't have to love the action, or even "shut up" about it. I'm sorry. If I have a problem with you, I don't have to shove it down. I refuse to appologize for my beliefs, and compromise them on your behalf. Not going to happen. NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN!
Until Later

August 29, 2010

Sundays are my favorite days

Ok so this morning I was driving in my truck to church, and so my thoughts started thinking back to my baptism. I was thinking about how I got baptized in the gulf coast on a retreat. I remember having the problem with deciding between the thoughts "I have been baptisted before", and also "my first baptism was more my parents saying 'we will raise this baby to believe' and I needed to say to the world 'I will raise myself to believe". I decided on the second one. I remember not wanting to do it at home, because I was afraid that it would become more about who came, and who didn't come (if you know my family situation, you understand what I'm talking about). I didn't want that, I wanted it to be about me and God. I wanted it to be between me and God. So...I did it down on the coast while I was gone. Another amazing thing was, was I was scared to call my dad, because I remember him not being oober happy about my brother re-baptising himself, and I was doing the same thing. I talked with my youth pastor and his wife, and both them and my whole youth group prayed over it, and when I called my dad and explained why I wanted to do it, and he was just like "oh well me and your mom did baptize you, but do what you want". It was a huge relief. I remember standing in the water and dodging the waves as my youth pastor was asking me the questions, and then I went under the water, and back up, and then I got trampled by hugs. That day was the best day of my life.
Ok so after thinking about all of that, I went into church, sat down, and well our sermon was about baptism, and how after that act, everything is differant. It was amazing. I have nothing else to say, but it was amazing how God worked. There is no other way to say it, but it was God. The sermon series was called "Everything is Differant" and the message was "Remember your Baptism". Another thing that was amazing, is the one song that makes me cry EVERYTIME I hear it was sung...it was just a wonderful day...

August 27, 2010

Random thoughts

1 the kids are driving me crazy, love them, but they drive me crazy
2 can't wait for tomorrow to sleep in
3 high school football starts tonight
4 have to go buy my books tonight, but can't
5 have to go buy my Greek workbook
6 excited to go to church this Sunday
7 Greek hopefully should be easier this time around
8 every week I'm going to do this
9 can't wait for my car to be fixed
10 I have money, and it feels great

August 21, 2010

:) catching you up on life right now...

:) as I have kinda? sorta? kept this blog over this year I realized how much I have changed. :) I now have the job that I want to have for the rest of my life (sorta). I want to basically be the management (who doesn't right?). I love kids, I adore their simple looks at life, I suppose that is a good thing, atleast I know what I want to do...
So today was fun, I went to work and cleaned my classroom. I really didn't do much, I don't know why my lead teacher had me there exactly, but oh well...I need to probably go to sleep, I'm starting to get this tightness in my chest, which means that I am overly emotional, which means that my time of the month is coming up.
I am giving in my two weeks to the local baptist church, because well honestly, I need to get back to church. I miss sitting in a pew(the chair at my church haha), and worshiping God. I NEED to get back to being spiritually fed, I just do.
I will post more tomorrow...I'm sleepy, going to go take a shower, eat, farmville, then sleep

June 28, 2010

New iPhone blogging

So I have fully comitted to this, you know why? I have an iPhone app to blog:). So basically I will be able to lose my excuses for not doing this. :) ok that's all for now.

June 15, 2010


So...summer is here? what? who would have known that?  I miss camp this summer, I miss it more than you would ever know! I have made up my mind that if I'm not in a class room at my daycare in two months from now, I will quit.  This whole no class room, so just try to keep yourself busy thing sucks :/ I'm pretty sure tomorrow I am going to stay in the large babies most of the day...just because that's my favorite age :) and also the people that I get along with best are in that room.  I keep on thinking that maybe tomorrow I can get in a room, maybe tomorrow I will be put in a room.  It's stupid! Its all because some parents thought that having two teachers on different days switching off would confuse the kids...BS! do you know what that is called? helicopter parenting! I had one of the nonhelicopter parents ask me yesterday why I wasn't still in thier room, that their child misses me.  This is ridiculous!  But the bright side to not working in that room, is that I really don't like the co-worker in there...idk what it is about her, but I don't like her...she just rubs me the wrong way.  Like yesterday she was pushing some kids in the buggy, and one of the teacher's kids was in it, and the directors had a message for us to read, and what did she do? Did she hurry past the door so that the kid wouldn't see her parent and therefore get all upset, NO! She freaking waited and sat there and sat there talking to me about the damn message the directors had left up there, and I was just like "well this one's parent is in this room, you might wanna move on, you might wanna get going so that she doesn't see her mother, please keep going, her mother is hiding so she doesn't see her" OMG! how many times can you rephrase that one sentence! It's ridiculous!  Other than her being dumb idk what erks me about her, but she really frustrates me...she's just one of those people ya know?  I don't even know why she's working with kids, she isn't any good with them. Ok, enough gossiping about my coworker....